Wednesday, March 14, 2012

school assingment #3 (only 3 left) :)

Student choice assignment

Choice 3: Romans 6. Baptism

This week I choose the topic of baptism, All the answers can be found in Romans chapter 6 verses 1-13

The first question asked was, What must be done with sin before baptism can occur? We must destroy our “bodies of sin”, meaning we need to put away all thoughts, actions and deeds of sin forgive ourselves and then grow from the experience.

Next, What events from Christ’s life are symbolized in baptism? The events symbolized in Christ's life of baptism would be his death, and resurrection. The symbolism being he put off his natural man (died) and was reborn (resurrected). Just as we all can do with our sin, burying it and starting clean.

Considering this symbolism, why couldn’t someone be baptized by sprinkling? We must completely put off our natural man and bury our sins, in this way we are following Christ's example and being submerged in water and reborn as a clean, spiritual being. We can not be partially resurrected, or partially die, we must complete the whole act.

According to Mosiah 3:19, what part of us would ideally die at baptism? Ideally when baptized we are putting away our natural man and putting away sin from us.

When studying Romans 6:14-23 we know that Christ is our true source of freedom and peace. By following His example and His life we can become perfected beings. By being baptized and excepting the gift of the atonement in our lives we can start fresh and be free of sin and guilt that weighs us down and makes it impossible to progress in this life. I'm grateful for the gift of baptism in my life, that weekly by partaking in the sacrament I can be made clean again, as though coming out of the waters when I was 8 years old. My son is currently preparing to be baptized and it is fun to see the excitement as he wants to learn and know more about Christ and have his own set of scriptures and memorize verses and read them for his own self. I hope that I can follow his example and always have that excitement in me for the learning of Christ.

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