Tuesday, February 28, 2012

school assignment

I have been working on my bachelors for awhile now taking one class at a time (makes for a very long school time. )
I'm into my next class..MY FINAL RELIGON CLASS! I'm not at all excited. :) (second half of New Testament) and part of this class assignment is to blog about one of our assigned topics and then share it with the class as for the next six weeks once a week, I'll be posting a blog about a New Testament topic :)

For this week my topic was the Pentecost, so here goes.

Define:  The Pentecost literally means ' fifteth' it's also known as the the day of the first fruits, of first harvest and also the feast of weeks.  Pentecost is a Jewish celebration that happens 50 days (or 7 weeks) after the passover. We learn about it in Acts chapter 2

During the Pentecost Peter taught the people about the Resurrection, baptism, and the Holy Ghost.

Peter fulfilled his role as a special witness of Christ by testifying of Jesus Christ and calling the people to repentance teaching them about baptism and the Holy Ghost, prayer and the sacrament.

The gifts of the spirit that were made manifest that day were the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues.

the peoples reaction to the Pentecost was amazement and then an outpouring of gratitude for the Savior and repentance.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

and then she turned 3

Jordan turned 3 on January 3rd (I'm a little behind, I know. )
Jordan asked for pizza for her birthday. no fancy cakes this year, she picked out cupcake liners and chocolate cupcakes and a purple star candle. We went to round table and brought grandma and grandpa along to celebrate.

 With her "birthday cake"
 singing Happy Birthday
 digging in..they were sooo sweet
 present time

 a few arcade games
 and then dancing our way to the car

 the cupcakes were a pinterest find. they were suppose to look like the DQ chocolate dipped icecream cones, I had to hurry the process because we decided to celebrate her birthday a day earlier. they were pretty good but the white meringue icing was REALLY sweet.
and after her birthday she started preschool!  she is so excited and she loves it.  

a few fun Jordan facts,
*she loves anything girly, anything except doing her hair she hates that.
*she calls braids "tangled hair"
*she eats pretty much anything
*she comes up with some funny quotes...the other day she was mad and she yelled at me, "I don't like this life!" seriously...she's three not sixteen.
*she could eat yogurt for everymeal
*she's very bribe-able
* she LOVES music and is constantly asking for me to turn the radio on and she knows all the words and sings along
*she loves dressing up
*she says her favorite food is "cereal"
* her favorite friend is 'Carson and Audrey"
* she goes to preschool and her favorite thing to do at school, "playing with her friends and painting"
*she has a favorite stuffed dog named "allie"
*she hates being tucked in and sleeps with her head on her arm
*she is the strongest kid I know and has a crazy sence of balance
she completes our family and makes our day interesting and fun

funny Jordan story..
on Sunday we were at my parents (literally next door to our house) having a birthday dinner for my brother. We were all sitting around the table having dinner when Jordan said she had to go to the bathroom. at grandma's house she has to have a stool to turn the light on so Trent tells her go get the stool and go potty, then come back out.
about a minute later Trent laughs and gets up and goes to the sliding door where we see Jordan who is running back to our house to get her stool to come back to grandma's to turn the light on and go potty.
we all had a good laugh.  

binky days are over

Jordan has always had a binky...always.  and Trent and I have been for months now talking about finally "losing" the binky and being done with it. period.
Well, yesterday was the day for me. So I "lost" them while she was playing and when she asked for them I said I don't know where she put them, she said she lost them. Trent came home from work and Jordan told him she lost her binkys he went on and on about what a big girl she was and how big girls don't use binkies.

bed time....
both girls got in bed and Trent chose that time to run to Home Depot, he forgot to give Jordan a kiss and she began freaking out and I listened from my room as I heard Audrey in desperation say, " Jordan, just ask mom for your binky so you'll stop screaming" and Jordan answerd, " No! I don't want it! I'm a big girl!" 

and that was the end of binkies in the Cunningham house.

(Trent said last night that we have to keep at least one for him since that is the end offically of the baby stage in our house..either that or have another.. 

we are keeping one for him. )

Viva Las Vegas

Trent (and my mom) for Christmas gave me a 'trip away'.  I say mom, because she watched the kids and Trent came with me :)
We had planned to go spend a weekend in Seattle, but found out it was cheaper to fly to Vegas and stay for three days. I had never been so Vegas it was!
here are a few pictures from day 2 and 3
day 1 pictures are on my phone and haven't been uploaded yet...but I will soon
Thursday was spent walking around, amazed at all the buildings, walking through the casino's and trying our luck at a few penny slot machines and Thursday night we went to the 'Kings Tournament' a dinner/show jousting tournament. tons of fun.
(pictures are all in reverse order...oops! )

This is for Dustin and Dad. we saw Dick Buttkus, but were in a hurry to catch our shuttle to the airport or else we would have had him sign something.
Belagio fountains before heading home.
(waiting for the treasure Island pirate show to start)

(walking out of the Venetian to see the pirates show)

(after Blue Man Group...the lady taking the picture took FOREVER, I was pretending to kiss his cheek and the guy kept making crazy faces at me...when she finally took it. )
all the toilet paper at the end of the show that was on our laps.
Front row seats! thanks usher, for moving us up :)
street performers in the Venetian before Blue Man Group
more street performers

taking a break from walking around waiting for the street performers to do there thing
Ceaser, in Ceasers palace
walking around Ceasars palace, this was were Trent did a jump rope performace years ago
"so excited!" 
and then there was this little doing a dance/promotional in the shops in Ceasars palace, Trent was humilated for her, I mean him so I had to snap a picture.
Treaure Island ship in daylight. (Friday)
this is for dad ;)
Pam, thanks for telling us to check out the Wynn! BEAUTIFUL!!
(some of the hotels had decorated for Chinese New Year)
The Venetian...I could have spent all my time walking around there.
Friday was spent walking around more and going to some of the hotels we didn't see Thursday. I was in ahh at the Wynn hotel, Loved walking around Paris but my favorite was the Venetian. I loved the atmosphere of it all.
Friday night we saw Blue Man Group and LOVED it! I would for sure recommend it to anyone and probably see it again if we had the chance.  so fun! 
Friday night we decided that we would leave a little earlier then we had originally planned, cause lets face it, walking around ten hours or more for two days you pretty much see everything you want to see and you deffently have your fill of 'lady billboards' and drunks everywhere. so we got an early plane and headed home.

those weekends away are so loved and we count ourselves pretty lucky that we have family MOM! that is willing to take the kids and let us get away.
Thanks MOM!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moving Day!!

We signed papers last night! Wahoo!! 
We move in tomorrow!

*pictures to come*