Tuesday, February 21, 2012

binky days are over

Jordan has always had a binky...always.  and Trent and I have been for months now talking about finally "losing" the binky and being done with it. period.
Well, yesterday was the day for me. So I "lost" them while she was playing and when she asked for them I said I don't know where she put them, she said she lost them. Trent came home from work and Jordan told him she lost her binkys he went on and on about what a big girl she was and how big girls don't use binkies.

bed time....
both girls got in bed and Trent chose that time to run to Home Depot, he forgot to give Jordan a kiss and she began freaking out and I listened from my room as I heard Audrey in desperation say, " Jordan, just ask mom for your binky so you'll stop screaming" and Jordan answerd, " No! I don't want it! I'm a big girl!" 

and that was the end of binkies in the Cunningham house.

(Trent said last night that we have to keep at least one for him since that is the end offically of the baby stage in our house..either that or have another.. 

we are keeping one for him. )

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  1. Oh maybe now that Jordan doesn't have a binky I could finally convince Syd to get rid of hers!!