Tuesday, February 21, 2012

and then she turned 3

Jordan turned 3 on January 3rd (I'm a little behind, I know. )
Jordan asked for pizza for her birthday. no fancy cakes this year, she picked out cupcake liners and chocolate cupcakes and a purple star candle. We went to round table and brought grandma and grandpa along to celebrate.

 With her "birthday cake"
 singing Happy Birthday
 digging in..they were sooo sweet
 present time

 a few arcade games
 and then dancing our way to the car

 the cupcakes were a pinterest find. they were suppose to look like the DQ chocolate dipped icecream cones, I had to hurry the process because we decided to celebrate her birthday a day earlier. they were pretty good but the white meringue icing was REALLY sweet.
and after her birthday she started preschool!  she is so excited and she loves it.  

a few fun Jordan facts,
*she loves anything girly, anything except doing her hair she hates that.
*she calls braids "tangled hair"
*she eats pretty much anything
*she comes up with some funny quotes...the other day she was mad and she yelled at me, "I don't like this life!" seriously...she's three not sixteen.
*she could eat yogurt for everymeal
*she's very bribe-able
* she LOVES music and is constantly asking for me to turn the radio on and she knows all the words and sings along
*she loves dressing up
*she says her favorite food is "cereal"
* her favorite friend is 'Carson and Audrey"
* she goes to preschool and her favorite thing to do at school, "playing with her friends and painting"
*she has a favorite stuffed dog named "allie"
*she hates being tucked in and sleeps with her head on her arm
*she is the strongest kid I know and has a crazy sence of balance
she completes our family and makes our day interesting and fun

funny Jordan story..
on Sunday we were at my parents (literally next door to our house) having a birthday dinner for my brother. We were all sitting around the table having dinner when Jordan said she had to go to the bathroom. at grandma's house she has to have a stool to turn the light on so Trent tells her go get the stool and go potty, then come back out.
about a minute later Trent laughs and gets up and goes to the sliding door where we see Jordan who is running back to our house to get her stool to come back to grandma's to turn the light on and go potty.
we all had a good laugh.  


  1. Happy (late) Birthday, Jordan! Those cupcakes look really good. And that's such a funny story! How cute.

  2. Brad is SOOO jealous that you are at Round Table. Me too. I miss you guys. We should hang out sometime. Come down to TX! The Rowes and us could have a real party. :)

    Also, I can't believe that your youngest is 3. That's amazing.