Tuesday, February 28, 2012

school assignment

I have been working on my bachelors for awhile now taking one class at a time (makes for a very long school time. )
I'm into my next class..MY FINAL RELIGON CLASS! I'm not at all excited. :) (second half of New Testament) and part of this class assignment is to blog about one of our assigned topics and then share it with the class as for the next six weeks once a week, I'll be posting a blog about a New Testament topic :)

For this week my topic was the Pentecost, so here goes.

Define:  The Pentecost literally means ' fifteth' it's also known as the the day of the first fruits, of first harvest and also the feast of weeks.  Pentecost is a Jewish celebration that happens 50 days (or 7 weeks) after the passover. We learn about it in Acts chapter 2

During the Pentecost Peter taught the people about the Resurrection, baptism, and the Holy Ghost.

Peter fulfilled his role as a special witness of Christ by testifying of Jesus Christ and calling the people to repentance teaching them about baptism and the Holy Ghost, prayer and the sacrament.

The gifts of the spirit that were made manifest that day were the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues.

the peoples reaction to the Pentecost was amazement and then an outpouring of gratitude for the Savior and repentance.


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