Thursday, October 18, 2012

yep, it's been awhile.

So, life has been busy and I keep meaning to update my blog to document the last couple of months happenings and today I have fifteen minutes before getting the kids from the bus (1?2 days...gotta love them.)  I'll see what I can finish before then.  --here goes,
We took the kids "camping" this summer. we went to a KOA (Kamp ground Of America) so much fun. it helps that the campground had a pool and hot tub, nightly movies for the kids with popcorn and a giant play area with this huge blow up pillow-jumpy-thing, and it was right next to the ocean.
We started off our drive with stopping at Pao Donuts (We enjoyed a few for you Peeler family), it was a beautiful drive, unloaded our camping gear and went to the beach and played and played and played (sadly my camera is broken and all beach pictures are on trent's work phone that we haven't yet figured out how to get pictures off yet :( 

 -Sleeping like a log- first morning---
We have a fabulous Tent that has 4 'rooms' so Jordan and Carson shared, and Audrey had her own room and Trent and I shared.

 Lots of pool fun :) ..and becuase we live in this great green state it rained and rained and rained and so we decided that we would head out a day early and we drove down to the Tillamook Cheese factory and then home through Portland

We had a great time and as the kids are getting older it just makes these family trips even more fun.