Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disneyland part 1

Disneyland May 23rd 2012
We suprised our kids with a trip to Disneyland last week, I have their reactions on video on my phone currently being sent to my email so that I can put them on here, until then...
Here is our first day of Disneyland in pictures

 first ride of the day!
 in line for Peter Pans flight

 Dumbo ride
 family fun!
 first time the kids got to go down Splash mountain (Audreys favorite ride)
 waiting in line to meet the princesses

 I think my all time favorite Disney trip picture is the one from the photographer taking the picture on the tempted to buy it. Dang Disney prices

 slightly zonked :)
 Princess Merida (Brave)
 lessons in archery after meeting princess Merida (Carson had a turn before I could get my camera out)
 its a small world
so excited all the time! 
 I love this picture Audrey, our little thrill seeker hands up and all
quick run over to California adventure to see Bugs life

What a perfect day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

still here

Nope, we haven't fallen off the face of the least not yet :)
We have been busy with house projects, school, swimming lessons, piano lessons and a suprise family trip (more to come on that) and did I mention house projects?  You know the kind when you go to wash dishes and the sink won't you go to unclog the drain and nothing is working....then you open your septic lid (which was pumped less then four months ago)..and it's full, to the brim....and while learning about cleaning your buffer filter you find there is a leak in your septic pipe and so while everything is dug up you add risers to your septic lids, curse the company that was suppose to check the filter, but secretly thank the company that failed to check the filter because you would never had known that you had a giant hole in your pipe otherwise. 
Problem fixed now. 
Did I mention it's really nice to have a dad next door that its the best handy man ever, seriously the best ever.
(and the pictures of this episode are still on my phone )