Monday, January 9, 2012

...getting antsy!

SO...I'm not trying to be a blogging slacker..I just haven't had a whole lot to post about...and my computer is in my room and I pretty much only go there to sleep :)  We are still at my parents waiting and checking every other minute Trent's email to see if there is a signing date, we should be moving in this week!!! I'm on break from school and am busy with kid activities and my callings and Trent is busy with work and his new calling....assistant scout master lol!  Carson and Audrey are busy with school and piano lessons and dance lessons. Jordan turned Three on Saturday! (I have to upload my pictures still) and started pre-school today she LOVED it! we weren't going to have her do it but I realized with the other kids gone and her having a whole other year in nursery and being drug around to piano and dance and the kids school she needed something that was her very own and so I signed her up for our local co-op preschool. she keeps walking around the house telling Trent, "it's not YOUR school it's MY school and you can't come. Maybe you could borrow it for a day." borrow = visit  she's cute what can I say. 
couple random kids quotes...

Carson- Grandma? How come we only ever have girl cheese sandwiches? Why can't we have boy cheese sandwiches today? 

Audrey to Jordan-  hey Jordan what are you going to be when you grow up? after a minute of thinking she says "ummmm, I want to be Audrey...or a big Jordan."

On Saturday we went and picked up beds for the kids for the new house and Jordan was trying to explain to someone that she has a new bed said, " I don't get a bunk bed I get a big girl down bed and Audrey gets a down bed next to mine." 

that's it for now.