Thursday, March 15, 2012

new hobbies

My cousin called a few months back and asked if I wanted to be apart of her quilting group. I had to think awhile since I've never tried quilting, I've made clothes for myself and my girls but never tried quilting. I said Yes and have been having so much fun and learning a lot at the same time, who know quilting could be fun ;)
 The group consists of 12 members and each month one member is in charge of the month and they pick a square for the others to do, we make them and send them to the original person and they put them together and make a quilt out of it.
Here are my squares for Jan, Feb and March.  I am in charge of July and have an idea I'm thinking of and am excited to try it out and then see what happens.

January's square "petals"
This one was a tricky for me and I feel a little bad for the person I sent them to cause I think I could do a lot better now.

 February's square, "send me a letter"
(the white is hanging off my ironing board, it's not crooked)

Square for March "granny square"

It's been nice having a little distraction from school assingments, house stuff and kid stuff especially since I haven't been running or doing anything else.

Anyone else ever tried quilting??  Any good ideas you have??

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  1. Sarah, I love that you're doing the bee and that you are giving quilting a go! It is an addicting hobby. :)