Monday, August 8, 2011

whirlwind weekend..turned to week. :)

warning, picture and description overload!
(and these are just from my phone. )

On Tuesday- afternoon I loaded the kids and drove to my parents house. (which by the way, living 5 hrs and 15 min. away and making the drive a bunch. I have to admit, my kids have become SUPER car travelers....thank you dvd player).
Wednesday -was spent in a friends pool with my best friend Kelli. she lives in California and we don't get to see eachother very often, but managed to time both our trips home at the same time. we had a blast swimming and having our kids and her sisters kids play together. thanks Kelli!
Thursday- Trent flew in and my dad with two other families just purchased a camping boat, so we went into the harbor and took it for a test drive. so fun
Friday-was spent playing around with the family, running errands and such and then Friday night I got together with a bunch of high school friends. we met up for dinner and then went to the Raft Island beach for our traditional bonfire and smores and then went TP'ing. yep, you read that right. all of us are married (or are about to be married) and we went TP'ing and had a BLAST!  so much fun. it was good to be with all of them again. then Jenny and Ashley stayed the night so we could leave together in the am.

on the way to tp'ing :) trying to get everyone in the picture...Kelli is in her car
Saturday- was the BIG day. race day. I had a great experiance. The girls and I were prepared and ready to go!  Gun went off and we went.  I had a little bit of a bummer moment when about two minutes (or less) I stepped wrong on a water drain grate and sprained my ankle pretty bad. I was crushed to say the least, and I called Trent up and told him not to worry about going to the finish line anymore, I wasn't worth it.  I started walking fast with a lady, Wanda who come to find out was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before but had a goal to finish a half marathon every month for as long as she could. she said I am blessed with good legs and I'm going to use them as long as I can. we walked together for 3 1/2 miles when she turned to me and said, when you feel like you can go, you go for it I wish you the best. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and said I can do this! (I was kind of an emotional moment for me :) ) so with Wanda's words in my mind (and a huge prayer in my mind) I started to run, and I ran. I ended up running faster than I had during my practice runs and I felt SO GREAT! My goal was to beat my time from last years half that I did, and I did!  crossing that finish line was such a great feeling, there is nothing like setting a goal and having something get in the way and still accomplishing what I set out to do.  Thank you again Jenny and Ashley for inspiring me!!  great job to you both!! 
right before the race started

all done!!

another post race shot
Saturday afternoon was spent on the boat with the family again and then Trent and I headed off to my high school reunion.

my mom humoring me... 
 "I'm the king of the world!"
a real pirate ship!
Sunday - was again spent with the family and then I headed over the Johns house where I was able to see Kelli's older brother Mike (one of my best friends) and meet his wife. I hadn't seen Mike for over 3 years and he we were in town at the same time for a just a few hours. Mike and Paty head off to DC for some training and then move to Switzerland for two years so it was great timing and great to see him.

-all in all a crazy full, fun time. and as always not enough time to see everyone or do everything we would have liked to do. thanks mom and dad for having us..yet again! 


  1. I can't find my red sweatshirt after this picture was taken. Did it end up with you?

  2. Oh, look at all those people that I love. Wish we could hang out with you all sometime.