Thursday, August 25, 2011

living in a Muggal world

Last month Dustin (my little brother) and his wife Kelliane and their baby Ryder came through for a few days on their way to visit my parents. While they were here Dustin introduced us to Geo-caching. the kids had a great time and I have to admit I did to. We all had a great time going out to find a hidden "treasure" and leaving something in return. and knowing there are theses treasures hidden all over the country that we pass by all the time not knowing they are there. I love that in the Cache world those that don't do caching are referred to as "Muggals". kinda fun.
anyway, here are a few pictures from our adventures

stopping at our first spot.
 we knew it was somewhere around the garbage can
 Carson finally spotted it
 opening our cache
 Kellianne got a picture of how small this find was. the white part on the end is the paper rolled up really tight that you write your name on that says who has found it.
 on another hunt, on a bike ride on the Centenial Trail
 this one was a quick find
 A few days before on a ten mile run a friend of mine and I were running this same trail and stopped to get a drink....this was the HARDEST thing to get going and Ashley and I never did get it took my brother, Kellianne and I to get it going...
 proof :)
 another find

 Dustin and I have ALWAYS been told we look a like.. we both don't think so..what do you think?

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