Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spokane Indians

awhile back Trent I are were on a 'date'. I say it that way because it ended up we went to the mall to get some stuff done for his work...really fun right? well we grabbed dinner at a sub type place in the mall and on their counter they had a drawing for kids that if they name was drawn they got to go to the local minor league baseball game.
A few days later I got a call and Carson's name had been picked. wahoo!  so Trent (this was Trent's first time going to a baseball game) and Carson got to go the the baseball game and have some fun 'man time'.  and Trent being such a good sport took that camera per my request to document their fun time.
here are the results
In the parking lot, ready to go in!
 Just picked up his Spokane Indians t-shirt
 He got to go on the field and have an Indians baseball signed by the players
 At the start of the game he got to run out with the players as their name was called out and his name was called out
 Running out on the field
 We were told Carson was going to get a free dinner so I didn't feed him before the game...turns out he got a gift certificate to use a different day.....this was his dinner. (plus a hot dog.) ...nice one dad.
aren't they cute!!
they got bored half way through the game (the Indians were losing big time.) with their good seats and decided to walk around the stadium and see if they could catch a ball :)
 Carson with "Recycle Man"

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