Wednesday, August 17, 2011

random thought

So this morning as I was laying in bed and Jordan came up and handed me her 'unerwares' to turn right side out and Carson started getting everyone breakfast (willingly) and iit hit me, 'I have reached a new level in 'mommy'  life" more diapers, bottles, wipes, my kids can all get dressed by themselves and get themselves something to eat when they need it, they make their beds in the morning and fold and put their own clothes away, they can all get into the car on their own and (almost Jordan) can get buckled and unbuckled without my help. we can go on camping trips or family vacations and not have to worry about a pack and play, or strollers or diaper bags.  (It doesn't help that Audrey is growing like a weed either! seriously. ) and Carson and Audrey are both going to be going to school this year and it's just weird.

I know, my kids are still young, but it made me feel so much older this morning (and yes I know, I'm still young too). 
Crazy how I can tuck my babies in at night and have them wake up older.


  1. Wow, I can't believe you're at that stage either! I'm not even close, the sleepless nights are never ending :)

  2. And then you turn around, and you have no one to tuck in at night, and you no longer have the "right" to tell them anything anymore, and there is no one there in the morning to say "fix my unerwares" or give you butterfly kisses, or say "Sarrrrrraaaaahhhhh, its time to get uuuuuuuuppppppppp". Its just you. :) :(