Friday, August 26, 2011

Canada eh?!

Last Friday we took the kids to Gardner Caves in the very tip of Washington.  We had a GREAT time and really enjoyed the cave, and recommend it to anyone in need of a good day trip.  We all learned a ton and it was all in all very fasinating to be in a place (underground at that) that has been around for such a long, long time.  After going through the cave we decided to find a hotel in  Canada with a pool...after going through the Border and talking with the border patrol we drove an hour into Canada and after stopping at hotel and hotel and hotel again finding out they were all booked we stopped in an A&W of all places and then headed home. We did stop in Ione at a local park to play for awhile and had a fun time. We had a great time and have to admit that the kids always do super well in the car. We really look forward to these kinds of fun family times :)  (yes there are 39 pictures:) )
about to go into the caves

 getting her jacket, (it was pretty 39ish degrees)

 Audrey is our rock hoarder :)

 waiting to go into the cave
 stairs to the cave

 she found a big rock

 Here we go!!

 this is called "Christmas Tree"

 pictures just don't do justice. you are looking at limestone pools, some are three feet deep, 
 this is called a column, the oldest one in the U.S.

Right about here is where the guide turned off all the lights. craziest dark feeling ever! you couldn't see ANYTHING! 

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