Tuesday, December 7, 2010


(sorry this turned out longer than I had thought....)
Yesterday was one of those days where no matter what I did or had planned nothing worked out. (except might I add the dinner I made which was summed up by Trent, " I don't know why, but that soup was really good in a really odd way.") just what you want to hear right?

So it started with Jordan not being all...all day long. and it reached its high when picking Carson up from school and heading to Target for a few essentials..(diapers...toilet know, important stuff you have to have.)
upon entering Target, Audrey trips on a rug and (WAIT- I forgot to tell a crucial part..when we were leaving the school, this poor kid slipped on some ice and as I fell I yelled out, "wipe-out!" and Carson's says, Mom whats a wipeout so I told him).
So as we walked into Target Audrey trips on a rug and does a major fall and skins both knees and crys her blood curdling cry that doesn't stop. and me being a good mom laugh and say, "Carson, that's a wipeout." Audrey didn't think that was very funny.
so we continue through Target and Jordan starts crying because she dosen't want to be in the cart or have me hold her either....two crying kids, which always equals dirty looks from old ladys. except this one lady who was great. Old lady 1 says, "oh, poor kids." and then old lady 2 says, "oh no, poor mom!" I had a good laugh as I thanked her. Old lady 2 I aspire to be like you. -

Long story conitues in the men's department when I was looking for a pair of ski pants for Trent (THAT is a post for another day). when Carson who was suppose to be holding on to that cart runs off and promptly runs into a shelving unit and falls flat on his back. it luckily was a rounded corner and just gave him a huge goose egg on his forhead. but there I was with Carson holding his head and crying, Jordan kicking and screaming in my arms and Audrey crying... So I said what all loving mothers would say, "WIPEOUT" and laughed to hide my want to cry.

We immediatly left.

Once in the car I called Trent to tell him of my fabulous Target experiance and tell it's a good thing you can't get pulled over for high blood preassure cause I would be booked for sure! and that he was more than welcome to stop and pick up any kind of chocolate cure for me.

He came home and as I'm dishing up dinner,and Trent is pulling out my "remedies" , Jordan takes my full bowl of soup and dumps it on the floor I laugh and laugh and Trent walks over to Jordan and the spilled soup and says take a picture....

He had gotten me a container of neopalatin ice cream since I'd had a rough time with my "neopalatin" crew.


  1. Posts like these make me want to reconsider the anxious await to growup and have children...

  2. Glad you survived. Wish we were closer and could hang out with our naughty children. :)

  3. Isn't being a mom great? Sometimes... not so much.

  4. lol I feel exhausted after having read that. You're a trooper and I'm glad your Trent-man gives you ice cream cures!

  5. kelsey, you crack me up! Elise, you seriously need to move up here...Ashley is here too and I'm working on Kelli, so logicially it works out better for you guys to move here :) week we seriously need to get together. :)
    Lauren...COME VISIT PLEASE!! I know school is ending soon so you should come visit (ignore the fact that in less than two weeks I'll be back home. :) )
    and really trully it's not always that bad..