Monday, December 6, 2010

a day in pictures.....

A friend of mine was talking about her blog and how she runs out of ideas for posts and so she decided to do a month of "picture of the day" posts. where she would post a picture everyday that summed up the day.
I don't know about a whole month but I'm going to do it for a week :) starting today with a picture that explained Saturday for me. When I was suppose to be at a Stake Young Women leadership training meeting, but Trent got called into work for an emergency at 4:30am and I wasn't about to call a babysitters house at that I was stuck home...which turned out to be until 5:30 when Trent got home.
Might I just add that normally that wouldn't be a huge deal, but when you have plans for something and they don't's just a BUMMER deal.
Saturday summed up-


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  2. oh my goodness Sarah! I ventured on your blog from facebook, interested in your idea for 'picture of the day' blogging and this picture about sent me into labor (I'm due next week). HILARIOUS! What a beautiful family you have! And how fun to be close to Ashley now too, right? Anyway, thanks for sharing. Some days are exactly like that one, and more. :)