Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gingerbread houses

Yesterday we took the kids to the "Davenport Hotel". (Shana, next time Jarom does a business trip in Spokane, come with him and stay's just the type of place you would really enjoy.)

The Davenport sponsered a 'gingerbread house' making contest so we went to see the finished results.

Audrey in front of "Pixie Hollow"

"Pooh's corner"

Tarzan's tree house

Cinderella's castle (with all disney charecters on it)

Thank you mr. Hotel worker for volunteering to take our accomidating

and saving the best for last...this one was SWEET!! it's a full scence from Pirates of the Carribean...the detail was amazing!

and kind of random..they had all around the Hotel, cases with things from celebrities who have stayed in the hotel. Bing Crosby stayed many times and so they have his pipe, his straw hat, a bunch of pictures, his bathrobe and a few other things. Trent is a huge fan so I couldn't not take a picture :) and random facts about "Bing"...his name is really Harry, but he liked the comic section of "the Bingville Bugel, they started calling him Bing...and he was born in Tacoma of all places..just like me

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