Thursday, November 25, 2010

cousin reunion

I have been amazingly blessed to have 25 cousins. and for the most part we are all really close. With grandpa's passing 23 of the 26 cousins were able to come to Washington for the funeral. and on Sunday afternoon all 23 of those cousins, spouses as well as aunts, uncles and great grandchildren and a dog were all at grandma's house. I forgot to bring out the camera until a lot of people were gone, but here is a glimpse...I know my uncle and one of my aunts were also taking pictures I'll have to get copies of those. :) and we did manage to get one big group shot right after the funeral of all 63 family members who were there.

Thank you grandpa and grandma for finding eachother and starting this fantastic legacy.

Jordan and Eve were soo stinkin cute together, and the fun thing was looking through pictures and seeing a picture of Lauren (eve's aunt)and I doing the same thing in the same kitchen at the same age. I'm going to have to get a copy of that picture from you grandma :)

Audrey found her long lost best friend...(great)Uncle Franky. you'd think she'd known him for ever. Uncle Franky, I'm going to take you up on that offer of when she's old enough I'll send her to you for a week...maybe a month :) as we were leaving Grandma's on Monday night, Audrey said she missed uncle Franky already. Hope to see you again soon Franky!

the kitchen where it was pretty much an open buffett all day long for three days.

cousin Max with Jordan and her second cousin Eve.

Scoville boys! I think this is my favorite picture ever!! Jonathan, Steven, Michael, David and Max. (we should have had Lauren and Jaimie on either end)

Audrey and GG

Jordan and GG

Carson and GG

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