Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Disneyland part 3

Disneyland May 25th 2012

We met MICKEY!!  and then toured his house..

..rode in his car...
then visited MINNIE! (Jordan was SOO excited, it was pretty cute)

in line for their FAVORITE roller "poster" (as Jordan calls them.)
We rode this about 5 times in a ten minute period. the kids LOVED it and there wasn't a line.  (we went on Saturday to ride it one last time before we left and had to wait in a 45 minute line. )

..yep, they really are monkeys
roger rabbit car spin ride....lame.
Jordan had dance lessons from a very sweet prince...
Carson felt to old...and Audrey didn't like the attention so they sat the dance out.
we rode the Monarail to Downtown Disney

She loved getting her face painted
back to Disneyland to drive some cars

 the finding Nemo submarine ride
..Then back to Downtown Disney to the Lego store to help a Master Builder make a dragon for the stores re-grand opening....Carson was in Lego HEAVEN

(the whole background including sky and tree picture are lego's)

I had a brilliant mom moment before we left for Disneyland, each of the kids had been saving money for whenever we went to Disneyland. So when we arrived we told the kids that the first few days they could look around and see if there was something they really wanted and on Friday or Saturday they could buy whatever it was they really wanted. totally took away the "I Wants" and tantrums for not getting all the balloons, treats and such that are everywhere. Carson picked out a Lego set (suprise, suprise), Audrey picked a watch and Jordan picked a minnie mouse headband (that she wore non stop and is even currently wearing two weeks later)

Next on the agenda was Medievil times, we had a GIANT tour bus to ourselves and the kids thought that was great

The kids loved the horses, hawk show and our green knight even threw a flower to both girls :)
totally captivated (carson was mid-blink :) )

the food was fabulous and the kids (especially Audrey) loved not having any utencils, and we ended up taking back to the hotel enough to feed an army :)

Day 3 was another success!
(one day left )

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  1. This is awesome. Last time Brad an I were there (2 years ago) the attendant loading the roger rabbit ride was Chris Gerson from Meistersigers. So weird.