Friday, June 1, 2012

Disneyland Day 2
Thursday May 24th 2012

The day started by heading over to California Adventure and getting our tickets to see the World of Color that night and then Trent, Carson and Audrey went on the Grizzly Bear ride. Audrey loved it..Carson, not so much (maybe because it wasn't warm outside yet and he was drenched :)
bumber cars were next, Audrey and I rode together, Jordan and Trent were together and Carson so happily was tall enough to ride by himself :)
 there was some serious driving going on

 lots of laughing and bumping too

 In line for Tower of Terror....
 Carson was almost in tears on the ride, but loved it afterwards. Audrey LOVED the ride..HATED the storyline and video clip beforehand...and I lost my sunglasses of 4 years on it...but totally worth it.
 Grizzly Bear ride with Audrey, we got SOAKED! there is not a part of me that is not wet in this picture, I love that I have a child who will go on fun rides with me (I do know Jordan will when she is 3 inches taller, she was a good sport though waiting and watching:) )
 lunch at the rainforest cafe, Jordan was copying the ape near us
 so heres the thing, the Cunningham side of the famly has odd facial talents, next time you see Trent ask him to wave his eyebrows, it looks like the Cunningham gene was passed to Carson and Audrey (Trent and Audrey can plug their nose with their top lips too...I told you, crazy. )

 gross I know.
 the Parks side of the family doesn't have the same talented genes...I did try though, failed misserably
 Jordan really is a Parks kid :) she gets points for trying
 We met up with Kelli, Brian and glad they were able to come spend a few hours with us! One of these days we will live in the same neighborhood ;)

 the kids loved the rides where they could sit without us (small world, pirates, snow white....)
 Kelli and fam went to have dinner and so we went on the steam boat..and cool for us, the Captain asked us to follow him and we got to go up and help drive the boat, blow the whistle, ring the bell and all. The kids were even given a certificate of captain-ship at the end. (Audrey hit her head coming up and was a little sad at the moment. )
 Thank you Captian!
 getting off the boat, the captain waved to the kids (little room on top)
 we then said goodbye to Kelli, Brian and kids and headed back to California Adventure to see ' World of Color',we sat for an hour before the show and thankfully the kids were amazed by the changing lights on the ferris wheel, seriously who needs entertainment when lights change color :)  it was a really good show (and as you can see Kelli, we made use of your sweatshirts..THANK YOU!! )

 Another Fabulous Day!


  1. You're making me want to book some tickets right now. It looks so fun!

  2. What great memories! I'm glad it was fun for all of you!