Wednesday, April 4, 2012

last homework post!!!

Just a little excited to say this is my last homework post for my current class!  wahoo!!  then I'll get back to posting about what's been going on in our crazy life :)  trees limbed, mom's fall and surgery, food posioning, trent's parents back from their year and half mission, swimming lessons, house updates, weekend trip to Liberty Lake...did I miss anything?  :)

  1. Johns desire was for all who read his words to obtain their full joy by learning of and accepting Christ and His gospel in their lives.
    a. John 1 8-10 teaches us that we must repent of our sins
    b. John 2 3-6 teaches us that we can know Christ when we keep His commandments
    c. John 2: 9-11, 3:11-19 teaches us that we must love everyone and have charity for all around us
    d. John 2:15-17 teaches us that we must not become a part of the world, the world doesn't give us the gift of eternal life, Heavenly Father and Christ do so we need to abide by their commandments.
    e. John 2:20-21, 27 teaches us that we have been given the gift of the Holy Ghost that will teach us the truth of all things if we are following Christ.
    f. John 3:4-6 teaches us Christ can only be with us if we are not sinning. .
  2. I think in this time of my life it can be hard to not get caught up in 'the world', whether it be clothing, hair trends or wanting to 'keep up with the Jones' '. But if we truly know who we are and the potential we have to become God's and Goddesses it really helps to not even desire to be 'apart of the world'. I know as a stay at home mom it can be hard to even relate to old friends who are still partying and 'living up life', traveling the world and making a place for themselves in the money market. I know though that I have been seriously blessed by having a husband who works hard and has made it possible for me to be home with my kids and being their during a very crucial learning period. We've also made choices to have a more modest size home and keep our spending low so that we can work more on the family time while teaching our kids that you don't have to have a huge house and lots of “things” to be happy, we are trying to teach our kids that family, friends, the gospel is the important thing. Now, saying this I still have a jealous bone hear and there when I hear of friends on cruises or traveling or having new clothes and such but I try to keep the perspective taught in scriptures like 1 John 2 :15-17 and that brings me to remember again, what is most important in my life.

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