Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fathers Day weekend


We packed up the family on Carson's last day of school and headed out to visit the parents for Fathers day weekend and for me to say goodbye to two great friends who are moving. :( 
About 10 minutes into our drive Trent got a call from work and we had to turn around and drop him back off at home and then the kids and I headed out to my parents.

We had a great time visiting the family, they had great weather and we even pulled out there kid pool for an afternoon.  We spent Fathers day at my grandma's house with some cousins, this was my mom's first Fathers day without her dad, my grandpa was a special man and he was deffinetly missed that day, I have been very blessed with a great dad, I am who I am becuase of him and his example...(with my moms example in there too :) )

We went to a park to meet up with a best friend of mine Shana, who's moving to Colorado..way far away! her girls and mine have grown up together, Riley and Audrey are nine months apart and Ella and Jordan are six weeks apart. it
Thanks for the fun times again mom and dad!
..looking forward to our next visit in one month and two days... but who's counting (thats the day when I'll be running the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon with four (two for sure) other friends)

First stop was visiting Pam, we've known eachother for many years and two of our kids we were both pregnant together and the kids have grown up together. So down to earth and always up for a late night girls night and so fun to be around, I have many fun memories with Pam involved.  A great example and a great friend. Pam, you'll be missed!!  If we ever come out to Utah, be prepared for a visit!
We went to the a park to meet up with Shana.
Trully one of the dearest friends. I'm happy that she moving closer to her family I know how hard it is to be away from family especially with kids. But I'm going to miss her!! 
Shana- I've got those tickets on reserve for whenever you need some girl time ;)

our four girls: Ella and Jordan (six weeks apart) Riley and Audrey (nine months apart)
this, sadly was the better picture I got of these two. :) when we got in the car to leave Audrey said, mom can Riley come to our house and I explained that Rileys moving away and Audrey seriously started crying. It was all I could do to hold myself together.

This picture looks totally random, but I thought it captures my grandma to a T. the adults were sitting chatting in the kitchen and Lincoln really wanted to play war and the adults kept saying no, they didn't want to go outside, and grandma says 'lets go' next thing we see she is on the ground and my cousin yells out, "Grandma, are you okay?" to which she replys, "I've been bombed!!" and Lincoln is now the dr. and he's going to fix me up." 
That's Grandma!
Dad brought out his BB gun for Carson and then they set up some targets (Carson has two of the Targets know hanging in his room where he shot a few bullseyes.  watch out! )

Luckily, we did get to see Shana and her girls one more time. Shana, Rebecca and I got together the night before we left for dinner. I love this picture because when Rebecca and I met Ty was almost a year and a half and Carson was almost six months old. and now look. (this picture is muinus Owen who was inside with the momma's) 9 KIDS!!

Best Buds!!  (goes for top and bottom picture)

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