Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

What a FABULOUS day!  It started out with a 4 mile run at 6am with my running buddies, can I just say how nice it was to have Trent home on a non-weekend, without any other comitments, just pure family time. SOO NICE! we went to the county park in the morning and had a picnic and went swimming, we then headed to the spray ground (the lake was a TON more fun..we will for sure be spending many afternoons there.) came home for some R&R time..we were hoping at least two would fall asleep but Jordan did and then Audrey and Carson watched a cartoon. we had a fun BBQ complete with Smores and then walked over to our city park for a concert, dancing and then fireworks. Sorry for the crazy amount of pictures, but we had a great day and I went picture crazy. :)

all three were swimming to the dock and back. so cute!

silly girl

I think I could take pictures of her all day long, whatever she does is cute ;)
she kept stomping on Carson and Audrey's castle..I laughed, they didn't.

proof I swam.

4th of july isn't complete without a hot dog!

This is how our kids do picture it seriously to much to ask to have one okay picture with three kids?

POP ITS, Audrey finally took her fingers out of her ears and actually had fun.
on the way to the park

Trying to get all five in one picture and'd think it wouldn't be that difficult.

we were out dancing, the band was actually pretty good. better than the fireworks...

Carson ran through a bunch of sprinklers on our way over to the park and ended up being freezing most of the concert, good sport though :)
On the way home....
Good Night!


  1. What fun pictures!! We missed you all!!!

  2. I'm impressed that you braved the concert...I would have lost Camden within 30 seconds of being there so we played at home instead. And props for actually swimming in the scares me too.

  3. What a fun 4th of July!! Those dresses are so cute on your girls!!