Thursday, May 26, 2011

while the husbands away......

So Trent and I have been talking about how we want to re-do our room...more like put something on our wall or do something, we do spend a lot of time in our room and why shouldn't we add some decorating touches to it..right?
Well a friend of mine recently blogged about how her husband went out of town and she finally re-did her room. Trent was out of town this decided to re-do our room. He comes home tonight and we'll see what he thinks. the only bummer about it is I did purchase a new bed spread and because I found it on clearance the store didn't have it so I have to wait a few days before it gets to the store and then I will post the finished look,. (I also have to wait for the paint to dry on our tv stand, and have to wait for Trent to get home to help me take my hope-chest to the garage so I can re-finish it.) like i said- work in progress, but just adding a few things has made me like it so much more.
(did I mention I did everything-including the bedspread set/paint /picture/candles/votives/paint brush/spray paint- for under 100 dollars)- yep I'm that (cheap) good.

*keep in mind we are renting and they won't let us paint*

the hope chest at the foot of the bed will soon be well as the nightstands.

the bedspread set thats coming is called 'opera barouque'.- can't wait! - our bedspread in the picture us currently upside down so that It would go a little better with the's big flannel squares. :)

Love these things!

Trent and I went to visit his brother in Sweden awhile back and his sister-in-law has these beautiful candle holders all over there house, this is our way of being back in Sweden

*fyi- the picture I took is crooked, not the painting*

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  1. Awesome! I love it!!! Funny how little changes here and there can make all the difference!