Monday, May 30, 2011

County Park Hike

On Saturday afternoon we packed up our family and my brothers family and headed out to the county park to go on a hike. a 6 mile hike to a water fall we introduced the kids to switchbacks and they all did a GREAT job!! Carson and Audrey walked the entire 6 miles(with only a little complaining from Audrey but once we got some food in her she was all good the rest of the way). Jordan walked at least two miles until we decided to put her in the backpack for the switchbacks. little Ryder was a trooper and slept the whole way up and then was happily awake for a lot of the way down.

starting off

The kids kept finding "gun" sticks...Dustin wanted me to take a picture of both his guns ;)

wanted a walking stick like everyone else

touching the water...brrrrr

a must have

2 miles in...right before we started going up...notice how everyone still has their coats on....

2 1/2 miles into it..a break in the switchbacks showed us how far we had come...our car is parked at the start of the brown at the end of the lake.

view behind us.

aren't they cute!

and he made it!!!

"Quick Dustin, my bums getting wet!!"

we stopped before going back down for lunch...Jordan was being a cheese face diaper change too...

Audrey happy for food

back down from the switchbacks. (classic Carson- two thumbs up) such a stud!

oh, yes, a little less then two miles to go and what do I do....sprain the already twisted (that morning) ankle...not good.....right about here I'm saying, "Trent, put the camera down!"

the kids found groupings of lady bugs...they thought it was pretty cool!

she feel asleep part way down.

Such a fun weekend! Dustin, Kellianne and Ryder, thanks for visiting!!

Can't wait till this summer in Wenatchee!!

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