Monday, May 30, 2011

grand coulee dam

On Thursday my brother Dustin came over for a visit with his wife and new baby. So on thursday we packed up a lunch and we all went to the Grand Coulee Dam. We all had such a great time, we went to the visitors center and then went on a tour of part of the dam as well as going on top of dam (they just opened up the top of the dam to the tour a year ago, before that it was closed because of 9/11)

After we left the dam, a friend in my water aerobics class had told me that we had to stop at the Tepee drive in for lunch, we found it and really enjoyed their shakes....well almost all of us. Audrey fell asleep as soon as we drove away from the dam.

(and again...the pictures are in reverse...oops.)

the Teepee drive in.

If you look close- I'm giving a thumbs up with my milkshake in the car with a sleeping Audrey and playing with Ryder. :) and you can see Carson and Jordan in the left window of the drive in and dustin and kellianne in the middle window

slept through lunch

Once Audrey did wake up, she had fun playing on mommies phone. this is her butterfly

I got some smiles out of this cutie!

all of us on top of the Dam

After this picture she kept saying, "tip me again mom." thrill seeker?? I think so.

on the top of the was really bright ;)

waiting to go on the tour

testing out an old fashioned jack hammer

in the visitor center

Outside of the visitors center

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