Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grandma GG

First I have to say, (to Pam :) ) it has been a little while since my last post and that's because here is our last two weeks:

1. Carson had the stomach flu

2. a few days later, I got the stomach flu

3. a few days later Jordan, Audrey and Carson all got the flu (I totally blame Trent bringing it home from work.)

4. a few days later I got the flu

5. then Trent got the flu

6. Audrey got an ear-infection

7. then Audrey got pink eye because of #6

8. we all started getting better....slowly.

9. GG came to visit :)

10. oh and I had finals :)

11. we started potty training Jordan.....

12. and then I stopped potty training her

so there's my excuses...

Back to the posting.... Grandma GG came to visit (my mom's mom- we call her grandma gg for "great grandma"), luckily we were all done with most everything but the coughing...and coughing...and coughing. We were all amazed that GG left without any signs of any sickness. so here is our week in pictures..

Grandma teaching them "penny, penny, who's got the penny." so fun to watch them playing

girl time- united states puzzle

Audrey was being a pill and wouldn't smile...imagine that.

grandma had given the kids a couple dollars to spend (grandma bribing Audrey to put in eye drops.) and so we went to Walmart and then grandma took us all to McDonald's so the kids could play..we were there for 2 1/2 hours. :) *GG is holding Jordan's new favorite doll, she jumps in your lap and laughs...and I have to say of all dolls, I don't mind hearing this one over and over and over. it actually sounds like Jordan's laugh
I went to Carson's parent-teacher conference while grandma stayed with Audrey, we then went to Audrey's dance class and then celebrated all the great things Carson's teacher had to say about him with Pizza :) Grandma and Trent making Grandma's famous Cinnamon rolls *she ended up making another batch...the first one turned out "sugar free" on accident, but according to the sister missionaries who happened to stop by as we were pulling them out of the oven and myself you couldn't tell they were sugar free and it made you feel a little better about eating them :) it was sure fun to having grandma here with us, Grandma and I have always been really close, the move has been tough because I can't go visit her all the time like I did. thanks Grandma for flying in! next time, lets plan on some sun and no sickies :)~ Isn't she pretty~ I was asked a few times how long my "mom" was staying
Carson reading to GG

Come again soon GG!!

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  1. That looks like fun!!!! Your Grandma is such a nice lady. :o)