Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter eggs with GG

Easter 1986

Grandma and Grandpa Seal and Great Grandma Audrey Perry (Audrey's namesake)
before the annual Easter Egg Hunt

(can you guess which one I am?)

at this point in the family, we were the lone girls of the group

Lauren, myself and Becca

April 2011

Seal Great Grandkids (some of them)

We headed to the Harbor for the weekend.

Trent had to be in Olympia to speak with the representatives and senators so we all tagged along and did Easter with my family.

It's tradition with the "Seal" side (my grandma's side) of the family for all the grandkids to wait on her front porch with our easter baskets, take a picture and when given the go ahead we all ran and found as many eggs (not candy filled) as possible hoping to find the golden eggs and the silver eggs that we got to exchange for money from grandma.

So with us heading over I called up my grandma and asked if she would be willing to host again for all the great-grandkids in the area. She was thrilled and all the kids had a blast, its fun to see all the great grandkids enjoying the same things we grandkids enjoyed.

(Pictures are just random order from the Saturday festivities)

After the hunt, this is how Jordan was found until we hid her basket. :)

My dad bought a motorcycle and brought is to grandma's to show us all, grandma really wanted to go for a ride...this is as close as she got. :)

Grandma has this "big foot" toy that she LOVES, seriously as a sixth child. So here she is making sure her baby wasn't being malled by the kids.
Love you grandma! :)

The younger three great grandkids playing with Ellenor's toys :)

having lunch, the Olives proved to be pretty entertaining

Sadly, my dad's camera flipped settings so a few of the pictures are fuzzy, but I couldn't resist putting this one on. "Cousin" Lauren is the master of the swing at GG's house.

Audrey showing off her goods! She found 2 gold eggs!

check out Jordan in the background, still eating her sweets

cousins (well that's what we all call eachother) Samuel and Audrey turning in their eggs

Jordan with her goods...again.

Carson happily finding eggs!

Audrey loving the egg hunt!

the boys (my cousin Michael and dad), doing their thing...which they did for a good 30 minutes or more.

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