Tuesday, April 26, 2011

dinner talk

I stumbled upon this article today after a conversation at the dinner table that went something like this, ( Trent had to work late so he wasn't in it. and Jordan was to busy hanging upside down from her chair to care what we were talking about.)

Me: Hey guys, guess what fun thing we get to do after dinner!
Carson: a movie?
Me: NO! your life DOESN't revolve around the tv (true story)
Carson: than what else?
Me: We all get to do LAUNDRY!!
Carson: ahhhh...I don't want to do laundry that's not fun at all. (slumps to his room) (after coming back out...)
Me: well Carson, do you think I like doing Laundry? Do you think I wake up and say, "yes! I get to do laundry today!?
Audrey: yes, you love doing the laundry mom.
Carson: i don't know....
Me: well guess what, I really, really don't like doing laundry, in fact, I don't like doing dishes, laundry or even making dinner. but do you know why I do those things? (pause for dramatic effect.....) ..because I love my family and want you guys to be happy. so after dinner could you guys help me do the laundry?
Audrey: Mom! I LOVE doing laundry.
Carson: okay..

on with the article.
(they are currently all putting their clothes away having a great time.)
Encouraging Optimism In Your Family Make and Takes

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  1. I loved the article that you linked up with--and the blog that it was from...
    I feel the same way you do... perhaps we shoud boycott all house work but who would do it right?