Thursday, December 1, 2011

Carson's 7th Birthday

We had Carson's birthday party a few days before we me crazy right?! except I would do it again in a heart beat. nothing except the kitchen table and some boxes were in the house so it was fun zone at our house for a bunch of boys. Carson had wanted a Lego party so that's what we did and seriously the EASIEST party EVER! if you have a kid who loves Lego's I highly recommend it.

I had Carson test out one of the games to see if it would work.
 Carson drew, cut out and wrote his own invites
 Started the party with some free time bulding while everyone showed up. aren't they all cute!
 then the boys were challenged with making a bridge out of Lego's that could hold up an egg...
Luke starting his....
 Payton's completed and it worked!
 Next, the boys each had ten pieces of Lego's on a plate and a straw, the goal was to get the pieces off the plate by using the straw and no hands....
 Then we headed to the basement for building and racing cars..
 loved having an empty room for this :)
 racing their cars

 Owen and Carson
 Luke and Carson
 the Lego cake...sadly it fell in the fridge overnight I had to piece it together, but the boys didn't seem to mind :) Carson designed it. it was a giant Lego man that was attacking a Lego kingdom, he put picked out the colors, the shapes and put favorite part was when the giants hand fell off so Carson takes a mini-figure holding a sword and stabs the hand on the sword and says, "Perfect!".
 Matthew and Carson
 Carson said it was the best party ever and that next year he wants to do the same thing... works for me!  Happy (late) Birthday Buddy!

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