Monday, September 26, 2011

all moved in

                           Before we moved, Jordan and her bestie, Sydney
 Audrey getting off her kindergarten bus :)
 on my way to a Relief Society activity, it was a beautiful sunset!
 Jordan and Sydney again, waiting for their siblings at the bus stop
 nothing says girl time like applying makeup
(Bonnie, she asks for Sydney everyday)
 Trent and I went to the temple a few days before we drove out. great night. It's been nice having the temple 13 minutes from our front door.
 Carson and I on top of Dead mans' Island
 on the boat :) 
 (it's taken a good week and a half and Jordan is finally leaving my last for a little bit at a time. )

 Jordan swimming in the sound. (and it was pretty chilly..grandpa didn't even go swimming)
 the kids were playing "ferry man" and you had to pay money...(rocks) for Carson to take you from the beach to the boat
 no fear Audrey. swimming back and forth...and it even started sprinkling and she kept going

 Isn't it beautiful!! 
           We are officially all moved in to my parents, kids are starting to get settled in school and church. This weekend was a fun packed weekend with Carson's best friend's baptism and then going out with the parents on their boat to Dead Man's Island.  Grandma's birthday and a visit from GG. I've seen and run into a lot of old friends and meet a lot of new ones already.

            The one advantage/disadvantage of moving somewhere where a lot of people already know you is that there is no hidding in the corners. I was already given two callings and Trent and I have already subbed in Primary and Sunday School and have been recruted for choir, and are participating in the wards Broadway review this Friday (Trent is singing Hurcules' 'Go the Distance'...I can't wait to hear it.)

           We've already had some colds go through the house, but thankfully they have all passed fairly quickly :)
so theres a little update-more to come!

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