Friday, February 25, 2011

the Frog Princess eats well

With Trent being out of town and school being cancelled because its FREEZING COLD here, we were starting to get bored.

The kids LOVE the movie the Frog Princess (and so do I :) ) , they quote it all the time. yesterday they were quoting from it and Carson turns and says, "mom, can you make beignets?" I thought about it...."Sure! lets plan on doing it tomorrow." ...I had to learn how to spell it first ;)

So today while Audrey was in the bath Carson and I (with Jordan supervising our every move) we made Beignets. and I have to say for making them for the first time they turned out really well and they were relatively easy.

the only changes I think I would make is to add some vanilla or cinnamon.

I didn't get any pictures of them making the dough..opps! but after the dough was made and rising, I had two great helpers doing dishes :)

After the dough has risen, you cut 1 inch squares.

Fry the squares in oil at 350*, turning them over and over until both sides are golden brown. Once the squares are brown set them on a napkin for a minute or so..

Then Put them in a bag with 3 cups of powdered sugar and give them a shake! this was the kids favorite part

She was dancing around...I just caught her in a weird spot.

And when it was Jordan's turn she would jump and laugh and cute!

We all had a great time and will deffinetly be making them again

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