Tuesday, January 25, 2011

change of heart

above is Jordan having a tantrum....
below is me having a tantrum....

Last week I changed my hair...and on Monday night(the 24th) I changed my heart (or at least my attitude.)'

Let me back up my story a little bit. On Friday we headed back to the Harbor for my brothers wedding reception (yep all the Parks kids are now married) :)

While driving Trent received a call asking him to take a position in Bremerton (which would mean moving back to Gig Harbor) we said we would think about it and get back to him. (It was also up to a 'higher up' at that point) and seeing family and friends is always fun.

On the drive back home Sunday night we received another call saying we would be staying where we are at.

Then my kids were beasts on Monday. seriously the hardest day in a long time. and my car started having in I could not get it out of park, Carson missed the bus becuase of this and on and on..down to my umbrella wouldn't open (I know pathetic right?)

It was just a rough day I ended up crying on and off a few times about a few things and Trent started seriously getting worried. (I'm not a cryer when it comes to life things..only about church stuff)

Enough of the drama.

I realized that night a few things:
a. first I need to get over it. :)
b. I live in a GREAT place full of great people
c. Trent has a job. a great job that he loves and he is really good at
d. it's up to me to love where I am at in life and what I am doing. I'm always going to be a mom and my kids are always going to be kids. my girls will be hard (as I'm told..over and over..that I was really hard too. and I dont think I turned out that bad.) :)

So I changed my attitude. and on Tuesday (which happend to also be my birthday) I was literally surrounded with love all day long. my kids woke up and were great. Carson on his own came up to me and said, "mom, I have a present for you, I'm going to be really nice all day long and i'm going to listen to you the first time all day today." such a sweet boy, and he did. best gift ever! I received phone calls and texts all day from people in my ward, goodies and cards from a few and flowers sent from my mom and dad, and even an email from my bishop.

I realized that I need to open up more and trully be greatful for all that I have and am surrounded by. I am still relativley close to my family and friends and now I have a new area full of new friends.
I am a lucky girl that has three great kids and one fabulous husband.
and luckily tantrums don't last forever!

the end.


  1. I've been having a tantrum week too!! Now you put it in perpective for me!! I needed to hear it as much you probably did :)
    I need to be grateful where I'm at in life!
    Thanks girl!!