Monday, March 7, 2011

Trent's birthday weekend

We went to visit my parents this past weekend, originally Trent and I were going to get away together in April and plans changed and we can't go anymore soooo we decided for Trent's birthday to head to my parents, Trent had to be in Olympia talking with some people for work and so we all went early.

We were able to do a bunch of fun things while we were there,
I was able to see one of my closest friends and her brand new sweet!(I brought my camera but forgot to take it out...dang!)
I was able to go to another close friends baby shower, her family just adopted a sweet little baby girl.(I did get a picture of her baby but it wasn't a good one.)
so much fun!
We first when to our families favorite place, Borders. they are closing and we all are sad about it.
(if you zoom into the picture, they are all making sad faces)

We went to Kinza with my parents for Trent's birthday dinner and my parents gave Trent this awesome sweatshirt..we are all a little envious. it says "Dead Man's Island" on it. (that's the name of the little island next to my where my parents live.)

..that's Trent saying he's now 32....

Trent and I got to go on two fabulous-ly long date nights.. Thanks MOM!!

We went and saw Rango and then we went and saw my cousin Lauren in a play"Texarkansa Walkz" Way to go Lauren!! and then went to dessert with Lauren and my other cousin Micheal and his amazing wife Monika (sadly I never got a picture with time!)

We went to the beach and played

and then we had to say goodbye and drive home...

It was good to see everyone.
Until next time!~


  1. It sounds like you had fun! It was good to see at little of you. Oh, and thanks for the clothes for Jacob! I saw that plastic bag in the RS room and had a sneaking suspicion it was meant for me!